Premium ostrich leather for connoisseurs of luxury watch straps

Premium ostrich leather for connoisseurs of luxury watch straps - finwatchstraps

Ostrich leather products are quite rare and exclusive. Many famous brands as Prada, Hermes, and Gucci use this exotic material for creating amazing luxurious accessories. Extraordinary leather texture and unique graceful appearance create outstanding image.

Ostrich skin is appreciated for its flexibility, softness and unsurpassed durability. For instance, an ostrich leather product could serve 30 years while the same item made of calf skin would last 5-6 years. One of the reason for this is that ostrich leather is full of natural oils preventing it from drying-out and cracking even under conditions of extra heat and direct sun light. 

The ostrich leather own pattern is excellent décor for any final product. Its distinctive quill appearance is due to large follicles contained feathers. The more dense quill pattern is, the more expensive and valuable the leather. However, only a third of the whole ostrich hide has a quill pattern that make this leather type even more precious.

Ostrich legs leather has also its own extraordinary scutal pattern similar to reptiles’ leather. It is used for production of small accessories as watchstraps, eyeglass case to name but a few.

In addition, ostrich leather takes the coloration very easily. Therefore, final products can be made in multiple color variations.

Good news for ostrich leather amateurs – your beloved accessories are relatively easy to care. They should be stored in a soft textile bag or wrapped in tissue paper in dry dark place when not in use. As with other natural leathers, do not use any chemicals, solvents or abrasive products for cleaning. Soft dry cloth will help you in this case. Afterwards special leather conditioner should be applied. To prevent ostrich leather from water penetration, use a special water resistant sealer. This step is highly important as the ostrich leather is very porous and absorbs fast any liquid. But if water spots still have appeared you can try to act in following ways. Firstly, try to put a damaged product onto indirect mid heat source and let it dry. If water spots have disappeared re-condition and re-seal an item. If this option does not work, dampen, but not wet, the entire surface and gently rub, dry it naturally and re-treat with conditioner and sealer. If accidently any spillage or mark took place, you should remove it as soon as possible with slightly dampened cloth. In case of oily mark a thin layer of talc could help to soak up oils and to ease cleaning. These tips will help to maintain so precious ostrich leather products.

The ostrich leather wrist band is premium accessory for luxury watches. In case you need a new watchstrap take an attention on this decent top-quality material. At FinWatchStraps we will gladly help you to design every band detail and will handcraft a real unique masterpiece for you. For our products we use ostrich skins processed in Italy with non-metal technique and can offer various colors realization.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions by email or What's app +358 44 971 32 35 and have a look at our ostrich leather watch bands here

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