Why Horween Phantom waterproof is good for your watch band?

Why Horween Phantom waterproof is good for your watch band? - finwatchstraps


We use Horween Phantom for making watch bands. Phantom is a full grain vegetable re-tanned waterproof leather, infused with a blend of oils. Emphasizing a natural look with a heavy pull up, giving the leather a softer supple feel. This is a limited edition collection of watch bands. Most watch bands are made by order and customizable to fit your style the best. 

Colours: Brown with a Rich Tan pull up.
Thickness approximately: 2.0-2.2 mm (5.0-5.5oz)

This is absolutely beautiful Horween Phantom.

Our watch bands made of horween Phantom leather can be seen here: 

1. Phantom Waterproof by Finwatchstraps 

2. Phantom waterproof by Finwatchstraps 

3. Apple watch band, Horween Phantom Waterproof


The watch bands are made by order and can be done for 16 mm, 18 mm,20 mm, 22 mm, 24 mm and 26 mm. Other width sizes are also available on requests. 

For over 90 years, Horween used the same artisanal hot-stuffing formula to infuse  leathers with an oil and wax blend to create an extremely rich and durable leather, which is then hand-stained. This heritage leather features the natural leather grain, exhibits a rich pull-up, and retains softness and color for generations.

Please, contact me directly in case you want to treat your timepiece with a customized version of the watch band at finwatchstraps@gmail.com


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