Shark leather for sophisticated watchstraps

Shark leather for sophisticated watchstraps - finwatchstraps

Shark is truly unique creature. It is incredibly fast and strong, and its hide is so extraordinary  that even inspires creation of nanotechnological materials for different industries based on its structure. Keep reading to discover sharks' secret.

Shark skin or shagreen consists of small plates invisible for eye but clearly felt by touch in a direction opposite to the plates grow. Each plate is ingrown into the body with one end and protruding outward with a sharp edge. Such skin structure significantly reduces water resistance and insure the hides strength. This hide type was a fundamental idea for creation high-tech diving swimming suits and even for continuing development of airplanes coating improving craft aerodynamic qualities.

In the past, unprocessed sharkskin was used as a sandpaper for polishing. However nowadays perfectly crafted shark leather is applied for bags, shoes, watch straps and many others products creation. 

Crafted shark leather is soft and flossy. It is thicker than alligator or stingray skins but even with intensive wear-and-tear it maintains its beautiful and unique appearance for decades. Compared to the cow skin it is 7-11 times stronger. The leather surface is rough and decorated with natural ripples.

In addition, this material is very comfortable in wear and use and has higher water-resistant quality than traditional leather. The last still does not mean you can dive (well, it depends of course of the leather craft and finishing) and shark leather accessories still need care.

Conditioning at a minimum two times per year (or more often at intensive use and dry climate) will save the leather’s softness and well-kept appearance. Routine dust is cleaned off with soft dry cloth. In case your accessory is wet dab gently extra water and dry it naturally. For spots and stains use special leather cleaner for exotic leathers. Store in a cool dry place, better in some dust jacket.

Thanks to the shark leather unique structure and extraordinary texture artisan accessories made from this material will please their owners for many years. At FinWatchStraps we gladly craft for you a truly unique everlasting wrist band for you watches.

You can look at our shark skin watch straps and design your own here The leather for the strap production is sourced from Italy, all certificates are available. The leather is processed with metal-free processing technique.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions on our products and services by or or by What's app +358 44 971 32 35.


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